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Why Chin Fillers as a Dermal Filler?

What is Chin Filler? Our favorite dermal filler to do these days because it changes faces so much while keeping you looking youthful and natural.

The chin filler treatment is simple and painless. Aside from your eyes, nose, and lips, your chin is the key to a beautiful face. Your chin is the most prominent feature of your face, and if you want to improve its appearance, this is a simple procedure to do it.

Chin Filler Before and After Photo

Chin Filler Benefits: Why You May Want to Get Chin Fillers

There are several benefits to having chin filler! Just make sure you choose the right injector. They should be well-trained and knowledgeable!

Here are some good reasons why you should get chin fillers!

  • To elongate and define the jawline

  • To keep your lip filler looking natural. Lips should never stick out farther than your chin on a side profile

  • To minimize the appearance of jowls

  • To thin the face

  • To help alleviate the look of a double chin

  • To keep a youthful appearance

Chin fillers change faces SO MUCH, while still keeping your natural look! Here is a before and after of one of our patients.

Consultations for Chin Fillers at Our Ferndale Medical Clinic

If you are thinking of getting a Chin Filler treatment, book a consultation. Most patients get treatment the same day!

Please note when looking for an appointment, we open our schedule three months in advance and are usually booked 2-4 weeks out. We do not have a cancellation list, but we post all last-minute availability on Facebook and Instagram stories, so make sure to follow us there. Our Nurse Injectors, Lily and Lauren, have their books open for both new and existing clients. Stephanie, PA-C and Nurse Injector Dana only take a select number of new clients each month, if you are interested in seeing one of them, please email or call 313-992-6659.


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