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Top 5 Reasons You Should Start Getting Injectables Before 30!

You might be wondering why it is better starting Botox and injectables before you’re 30... but trust us if you are looking for the perfect time to get Botox, it is before you are 30! More and more people are starting to get Botox at a younger age as a preventative treatment.

Getting Botox in Ferndale at The Aesthetic Method Medical spa

Here are the top 5 reasons For Getting Injectables Before 30

1. Starting Botox Early Delays Wrinkling

Botulinum toxin is a muscle relaxer so the earlier you start treatment, the less you use your facial muscles, the weaker they become and will not pull on your face as much creating wrinkles!

2. Injectables Before 30 Reduces Your Chances of Adult Acne

Botulinum toxin helps reduce the amount of oil the skin produces thus reducing your chances of acne as an adult!

3. Botox Under 30 Can Prevent an Orange Peel Appearance on the Chin

Botox can be used to treat the mentalis (or chin) muscle to prevent an orange peel appearance, but this muscle is also responsible for placing strain on your facial bones causing accelerated bone resorption thus causing increased jowling

4. Botox at a Young Age Makes it Easier to Prevent Wrinkles Than To Reverse Them

Once you have had time to make etched in lines and wrinkles, it is a lot harder and sometimes impossible to treat at that point. You can start treating fine lines and wrinkles as a preventative measure.

5. Starting Botox Early Can Reduce Lines Caused By Drinking Through a Straw

Botox can be used around the mouth to reduce smoker/water bottle lines so if you’re drinking through a straw often this will probably be inevitable!

Book a Consultation in Ferndale to Learn More About Starting Injectables Like Botox Early

Our experienced injectors can help you decide about getting injectables before 30 or starting Botox work at a younger age. We focus on natural results and facial balancing for all our clients so you look your very best.

Contact us to book a consultation for cosmetic treatment. We can talk to you about Botox and Injectables, dermal fillers, or other anti-aging treatments at any age!

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