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Avoid These 3 Habits for Your Aging Skin

Like your body, your skin changes as you age.

But some of us speed up the aging process with bad habit skincare that damages our skin. You may not even know you’re wreaking havoc on your body’s largest organ, since the deterioration happens over time. Now you know. 


Here are 3 bad habits for your aging skin that women and men—especially those over 40—should cease and desist.

1. Tanning 

Your skin provides many valuable services for your body, like serving as a barrier from germs, and damaging rays from the sun. But that protection comes at a cost when it comes to sun tanning. 

Tanning your skin—whether “naturally” in the sun or in tanning beds—is the number one habit that ages us!

The warm sun on your skin feels great, and we've all enjoyed those luxurious moments in the sun. But ultraviolet (UV) radiation is dangerous. Too much time in the sun, or in a tanning booth, can lead to skin cancer. It also causes premature aging and age spots.

Here’s how:

  • Too many UV rays reduces the elasticity of your skin, leading to more fine lines and wrinkles than that caused by the natural aging process.

  • The sun produces immediate pigment darkening, which might give you the tan you desire, but it also leads to hyperpigmentation and melasma. This brings an uneven skin tone and texture to your skin. 

  • The damage caused by just a few too many minutes in the sun can take months to reverse and require multiple pricey treatments like chemical peels and lasers. 

Always use broad-spectrum sun protection for UVA and UVB rays and avoid indoor tanning and outdoor sun exposure. A few of our favorite sunscreen products are SkinBetter Sheer SPF and Alastin Hydratint for a tinted SPF option.

2. Using over the counter skin care

Despite what you might see from the latest influencer on TikTok, products sold over the counter are not tested for results or FDA approved. 

That’s why you should choose medical-grade skincare, which goes through a rigorous testing process, is studied by scientists, produces proven results, and goes through FDA approval before it can be sold by pharmaceutical companies. This is the best anti-aging skin care option to retain youthful skin.

This skincare also has to be prescribed by a medical professional so someone is making sure this will work for you. Some medical-grade skincare is pricier than others, but you'll know the key ingredients you're putting on your skin, what it is targeting and the expected results. It’s an investment now for your skin and beauty into the future. 

ALASTIN Skincare, ZO Skincare and Skin Better are three brands we love. Ask us about the benefits of these product lines, which include correcting sun damage and pigmentation, preventing new damage and protecting against future damage.

3. Yo-yo dieting

Eating healthy is good for your health, but a cycle of “yo-yo dieting” or losing and regaining weight is not. Also known as weight cycling, some studies show it can increase your risk for coronary heart disease and sudden cardiac death. 

Fad diets that lead to quick weight loss are also bad for your skin. In fact, we can help you look younger even if you do think your face “looks fat.” That’s because a thin and gaunt face requires more injectables, such as Sculptra and Dermal Fillers, to give you a natural-appearing youthful look. 

You might feel negative about your fuller face, but it’s actually in your favor when it comes to signs of aging. It is easier to enhance this than create it. We treat everyone individually, so the results are natural. We customize each patient's treatment, so love your body, whether it’s naturally thin or naturally thick. We have multiple solutions available, but yo-yo dieting will make our job more difficult, and result in a not-so-natural look as you age. 

Instead, eat healthy, exercise and love yourself, because you are beautiful! You can also show your skin you care by booking an initial appointment with The Aesthetic Method. Receive our Signature Full Face Assessment at your initial appointment. 

Book a Consultation to Discuss How to Keep Your Skin Young at Our Ferndale Medical Spa

We believe in understanding the aspects of aging and combating it proactively, so let us help determine your skin’s unique needs, and what service would be a perfect fit for you. Email us at or call 313-992-6659.

Please note when looking for an appointment, we open our schedule three months in advance and are usually booked 2-4 weeks out. We do not have a cancellation list, but we post all last-minute availability on Facebook and Instagram stories, so make sure to follow us there. Our Nurse Injectors, Lily and Lauren, have their books open for both new and existing clients. Stephanie, PA-C and Nurse Injector Dana only take a select number of new clients each month, if you are interested in seeing one of them, please email or call 313-992-6659.


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