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Can you get Filler and Botox while pregnant?

a pregnant woman visits a medical spa in ferndale

Can you get Botulinum toxin or Dermal Filler injections when you are pregnant or breastfeeding? 

Unfortunately, the answer is “No.” 

There have not been enough studies performed to reveal if it is safe to receive injectables or PDO threads during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We know it is tough to watch those wrinkles reappear while you’re growing a babe, BUT it is worth it and we will see you when you’re ready!

Your Pregnancy Skincare Routine

Check out our complete list of all the pregnancy-safe medical-grade skincare products we sell. They can be purchased at our medical spa in Ferndale or online.

Prepare Pre-Pregnancy with Daxxify

We also suggest choosing Daxxify for your botulinum toxin before trying to get pregnant. Studies show this can last up to 6 months or double the time your toxin typically lasts you.

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Book a Consultation at a Medical Spa in Ferndale

You can also book a consultation and we can help you choose the best products for your pregnancy and postpartum. To get a custom skincare regime come visit us at The Aesthetic Method and book your appointment with our licensed esthetician Kelsey or Meaghan.


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